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Our Tango Classes

What is tango? The tango is an urban dance born in the late nineteenth century in the restive Buenos Aires, a city that devine a cacophony of voices and bodies. There, between the port and the brothel, the tango was born as a celebration of life, a meeting that does not distinguish classes and social backgrounds. That is also its erotic dimension: a meeting that dances, seduces, and looks that are close embrace. The tango was born because their bodies dance and then there is no place for punishment.
Tango proposes roles but also delivery: delivered for free from the shackles that limit our experience.

Our classes are aimed at those who want, by learning their movements develop that body language proposed by the tango. So our emphasis on the embrace as the main feature of this dance that allows to create a more direct contact with people. That is our proposal: submitted to embrace the magic of fusion principle.

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clases de tango en Argentina y Europa

Our classes promote a warm and fun environment to generate better links in the learning process without losing the essence of tango. Attentive to the concerns and developments in each of our students, our proposal is organized into classes according to different complexity levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and custom classes. We also offer workshops, courses and workshops that combine elements of dance and other arts to promote the incorporation of specific techniques for male and female subjects. All our proposals offer various steps and exercises that can be applied in everyday life. We like to think that tango not begin and end in the duration of our class but can be extended. That is our invitation: tango achieve a permanent state, our students with the tango to life and life to tango.
The main goal of our classes is thus discover the wonderful essence of tango and incomparable adventure transmit.

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